The Obstacle is the Journey

“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein

Coming back to the mat daily after being sick for over a month has been incredibly frustrating.  I feel weak.  I feel tight.  Since working on leg strengthening and opening last week, my knee has been killing me.  I was overzealous, and it did not serve me well.  This is why you should listen to your body .  I am eager to get back into my routine of flowing on the mat.  This is undoubtedly a practice in patience.

In order to try to make the most of this situation, I’m working on my upper body strength and flexibility.   Push-ups, pull-ups – they are my nemesis. Cow face arms –  it’s taken me a  year to touch my fingers behind my back – and that’s only on one side!   However, given that I’m giving my knee a break, I know this is the perfect opportunity to work on strengthening and opening my shoulders.

When I tried this pose, puppy pose a year ago, my chest was inches away from the floor.  I have definitely found some space with consistent practice.  This progress is my motivation as I ease back into a daily practice.  I have to keep reminding myself that these obstacles are not blocking my journey – they are the journey.



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